SPP03/A – Steel Picatinny Rings ø34mm low

SPP03/A – Steel Picatinny Rings ø34mm low

  • Pair of hardened steel rings for picatinny or weaver rails. Designed to ensure durability, stability and to guarantee the return to zero. Rings can be fitted with 5mm stop recoil for Picatinny rails or 4mm stop recoil for Weaver rails.
  • Available in the fixed version or with quick detach SR clamping system.
  • ø 34 mm H 8 mm

                        For picatinny rails:

  •                         Cod. SPP03/A – fixed
  •                         Cod. SPP03/A/SR – QR

                        For weaver rails:

  •                           Cod. SPP03W/A– fixed
  •                           Cod. SPP03W/A/SR – QR



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