Clay target shooter and 15 times world recordman.


Raniero Testa has been the official ambassador for Contessa and Winchester Weapons International, Aimpoint, 3MPELTOR for a decade and has become an icon of show shooting over the world. He made headlines in 2011, when Winchester dedicated two rifles to him with his own name, the SX3 and SX4 Raniero Testa limited edition, which are still sold worldwide. This prestigious honour was preceded only by the great Buffalo Bill and John Wayne. During this decade, Raniero has set 15 Guinness World Records, certified by the Interrecord agency of St. Petersburg, using exclusively Winchester rifles and Contessa scope mounts. He has collected almost 1000 performances all over the world.

He has thrilled thousands of people with his extreme feats, using his weapons and accessories, always in total safety. Thanks to his fame as a shooter, he has also reached people’s hearts virtually, gaining thousands of followers both on Instagram and on his Facebook page, keeping in close contact with all his fans with extreme videos.

During his career, many companies have believed in this extraordinary athlete, creating partnerships and achieving great results on both sides. Contessa is one of them. For Raniero, the Contessa company has been a point of reference for his mounts on rifled weapons. It is also thanks to these scope and red dot mounts that he has managed to collect his records and videos that have now gone viral. Lately he has been subjecting Contessa mounts to extreme conditions, stressing them to the point of improbable resistance and quality, obtaining only positive feedback!

RRaniero is now at the top of his game, physically, mentally and professionally, thanks to a combination of many factors, including his top-level sponsor supporters. He still has a lot to give, many other goals to achieve, including raising the name of his partner companies higher and higher… such as the Contessa company.




Raniero Testa