Innovation and tradition.


In the design and manufacture of all our products we pay close attention to details and quality to ensure products with high quality standards. In addition to the tradition inherent in the company’s home territory, we bring cutting-edge technology to our products, which translates into high performance.


All the components of our products are machined from solid with rigorously selected materials to ensure maximum strength. Compared to die-casting and investment casting, machining from solid guarantees high stability and strength, because the resulting structure is very compact and free of microporosity, and therefore more resistant.


The careful processing of all details and the extreme attention to detail allow us to create technologically advanced and high-precision products, particularly suitable for professional use.

Cantilever mount machined from solid.

Closing lever machined from solid.

Detail of cantilever mount.


Unique quality.


Contessa products are guaranteed for life. The utmost rigour in the choice of materials, state-of-the-art technology and careful quality control ensure the maximum resistance and durability of all our products. Every single part is subjected to anti-wear and anti-corrosion treatments to guarantee the high durability of the products. If at any time your Contessa optical holder fails, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We believe in superior quality and craftsmanship, and we are confident that your Contessa will not let you down.


100% guaranteed to return to zero.


The latest evolution of the Contessa quick release scope mounting system is the new Steel Insert System technology, steel inserts to ensure maximum hold on each rail and absolute repeatability of calibration.

With the new system, the locking points on the rail or on the shotgun are made entirely of hardened steel, which ensures maximum stability and to return to zero between each release. Technically speaking, steel inserts have been added so that all parts in contact between the mount and the rail are steel on steel.

The Contessa quick release scope mounts are now the lightest steel mounts in the world. The light alloy only supports the rings and is no longer part of the closing. This new technology allows maximum stability of the mount, more clamping force and absolute maintenance of the calibration between releases, even over long distances. This technology has been adopted in all three lines of quick release mounts, European Standard, BLS and Picatinny.

The internal geometry of the locking lever has also been updated, which allows a wide adjustment on the width of the rails. A set of new geometries that have raised the performance of the product. From now on these will be features of all our products.

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